Pearl Earrings to Enhance Your Beauty

You should take time to know about pearl earrings and their features first before buying them.

The most classical and affordable pearl earrings are the pearl stud earrings.  In this type of earring, the pearl is floating on your ear  and a screw at the back holds it securely in place.  The pearl they use in this earring is freshwater pearl in 18k gold.  Tahitian and south sea pearl and diamond earrings are the most expensive ones.  Pearl stud earrings are an indispensable pair to have in your jewelry box.

Fashionable earrings are those that uses threader pearls.  If you want to include a personal touch, you simply need to fully adjust the length.  If there is a chain below the ear, the pearls dangle.  The chain is thin but it can hold the pearl firmly.  Chains are also made of 18k gold, 14k gold, or solid silver. 

If there is one large gemstone, geometric shape or charm hanging from the earring base and facing forward, you have a drop earring.  Drop earrings hang in straight lines from the base to the end.

IF you have no piercings you can wear screw on pearl earrings.  The screw on this earring allows it to be held secure against the back of the ear.  These types are eight studs or dangle types.  Now, these pieces have become rare because some could not wear it for several hours because it is not very comfortable to the ears.

The chandelier earring has many branches that hang down from an earring base.  Gemstones hang at the end of the branch which are tear or drop shaped. 

Here are some of the different types of pearl earrings.

Fish hook pearl earrings from are called such because they look like fish hooks with a pearl dangling down under your ear lobe.

The earring that is a rounded hanger that is open at the bottom and allows other parts to pass through the earrings is called the French Hoop pearl earrings.  This looks like a ring on the ear and the pearl is below the ear. 

For people with pierced or unpierced ears, there is the lever back pearl earring where the earrings back flips to press against the back of the ear. You can also learn more about pearl earrings by checking out the post at .

Choose an earring style that will make you stand out in a crowd.  The size of the pearl comes in a variety.  12 mm size is enough for a stud earning.  Bigger pearl sizes required a big earlobe.  Exquisite and small pearls are 6mm size.

You can have your pearl earrings made of 18k gold, 14 k gold, solid silver, or cheap materials.  Follow your preference when buying pearl earrings.  Being allergic to metals should make you choose gold, silver, etc.  You can also match other gemstone like diamond, jade, crystal, to your pearl to make a perfect match.  If you want a luxurious and elegant pair choose pear and diamond earrings. To inquire today, click here .